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Our health care approach to babies and children is  


- Holistic. We provide advice around diet, nutrition, naturopathic supplements, sleep habits and posture, sleep beds and pillows, back pack postural advice, standing and shoe advice and exercise, alignment and stretching.


- Complimentary. We believe our approach compliments the childs medical care and advice. If it is necessary we will refer to the family's family doctor.  


- Integrative. We love to work with other health care practitioners, be it a pediatric physiotherapist, dentist, child care worker etc. and educating the parents to be proactively involved in the childs health care program.


- We do not claim to cure conditions, but believe that some babies and children may benefit from our care by reducing the severity of their symptoms with our medically complimentary, holistic and integrative wellness approach.

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Carbohydrate Intolerance (Lactose)

- Diffuse mucosal damage in the first years of life with resultant or secondary lactose intolerance

- Clinical Presentations

- Treatment


Coeliac Disease

- Presentation

- Diagnosis

- IgA Deficiency


- Genetics

- Testing

- Treatment

- Prevention

Diabetes Insipidus


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Does Chiropractic Help Colic?

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