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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim

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Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne

Baby, Pregnacy Chiropractor Melbourne Care


Baby, Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne, Jim Skivalidas has been gently with low force chiropractic care treating pregnant women for over 17 years and offers a natural, drug free approach pregnancy/baby chiropractic treatment with the aim of making your pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes enormous changes in preparation for her giving birth. Her spine’s posture will change due to the increasing weight of the growing baby and her ligaments soften in readiness for her labour and delivery. It is not uncommon for expectant mothers to experience back pain and other symptoms related to the structural changes in their pregnancy; too often she is told that this normal and to expect it. From a family - baby chiropractic perspective pregnancy is a normal process and should not be painful. Pain is the body’s way telling the mother that something isn’t quite right and that she requires help.


Pregnancy/Baby Chiropractic care may play a distinct role to play in some mothers, in each of the different stages of pregnancy:

  •     Preconception Care

  •     Pregnancy Care

  •     Post Natal Care of Mother and Bay


While low back pain is the major symptom pregnant women will seek help for, family - baby chiropractors may help reduce the severity of symptoms in some women including

  •     Sciatica

  •     Neck & shoulder pain

  •     Wrist & foot problems

  •     Pelvic & groin pain

  •     Sacroiliac joint problems

  •     Pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD)

  •     Headaches

  •     Heartburn & indigestion

  •     Breathing discomfort

  •     Having had previous difficult births



We are here to help so please do not hesitate to call our baby chiropractor melbourne for advice. You’ll be glad you did.


Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim