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The importance of Chiropractic care for the pregnant patient and her unborn child have been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.


Dr.Joan Fallon has written extensively about the importance of pre and post-natal chiropractic care.


Dr.Joan Fallon is Fellow of the International Council on Chiropractic Paediatrics. She is a former Assistant professor at Yeshiva University in New York City, and serves on the faculties of numerous colleges and universities, She lectures extensively around the world to both chiropractic and medical audiences, and sits on numerous inter-professional committees and boards.


In one study in 1993 Dr.Fallon reported on her clinical findings regarding the duration of labour with and without chiropractic care during pregnancy.


It was found that primigravidae, (first time mothers) on average went through a labour time of 14 hours whereas for those who had undergone chiropractic care the mean labour time was only 8 hours. Multiparous women (more than one birth) had an average labour time of 9 hours compared to a 4 to 5 hour labour time in the chiropractic group.


Another study by Diakow (1991) involving 400 pregnant women looked at the percentage of women suffering from back pain in pregnancy and whether chiropractic care helped to reduce back pain in labour. Back pain was experienced in 43.5% of pregnancies and 44.7% of the deliveries. Of the 170 pregnancies with reported back pain, 72% also reported back pain during labour. Of the women studied, 37 received chiropractic adjustments during their pregnancies. It was found that 84% of these women reported relief of back pain during labour.


Treatment was also given during labour in one group, with another group receiving placebo treatment.


Of the first group 81% experienced pain relief and 80% felt they required less pain relief or medical intervention.


In addition to this the labour time was decreased in the treated group in 24% of the first time mothers and 30% of the mothers who had previously given birth, compared with the control group.


Another study by Mantero and Crispini (1982) found as many as 75% of women reported pain relief with chiropractic care.


Daly et al (1991) researched the benefits of chiropractic care to the sacro-iliac joint in pregnancy. They performed a retrospective study of 100 consecutive pregnancies where 23 of the women reported back pain due to sacro-iliac joint subluxation.


Eleven of the women were treated with chiropractic care and ten reported relief of pain and no longer exhibited signs of sacro-iliac subluxation after the treatment.



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Daly JM et al, 1991. Sacroiliac Subluxation: A Common, Treatable Cause of Low-Back Pain in Pregnancy, Family Practice Research Journal 11(2):149-59


These research studies clearly demonstrate that chiropractic care during pregnancy just makes sense!



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