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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne is 3km from the CBD - just follow bus route 251-253 from the city.

Baby Chiropractor Melbourne is located at 81 Bridge Street - near the corner of Bay and Bridge Street.


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Hi I'm Dr. Jim Skivalidas, a professional paediatric ‘baby’ chiropractor in a family practice with particular expertise in paediatric and pregnancy chiropractic.


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I spent my late teens and early 20’s discovering wholisitic health with Tai Chi and Shaitsu Massage. It was during this time, aged 20 that I discovered a passion for spinal health and family and paediatric health. I visited my local chiropractor, an amazing practitioner in Melbourne, Martin Harvey, who helped me overcome postural health issues.  I was amazed at how chiropractic care was able to help my  neck pain and sinus problems as well that had plagued me for years and it was Martin who inspired me to become an Chiropractor.


I trained at the Royal Melbourne Insitute of Technology (RMIT)  and was taught by a  World  leading Baby Chiropractor, Dr. Neil Davies. The training was incredibly intensive but it was fascinating. A whole system of health care evolved before my eyes and I quickly realized that Chiropractic, particular baby chiropractic care wasn’t simply just another physical therapy for low back pain. I soon discovered that the skills I was learning were equally applicable to a newborn baby, a developing child, a pregnant mum, as they would be to an elite athlete or for my Mother’s frozen shoulder.


In my final year of university I found that I had a particular talent for treating babies and young children and I was encouraged to develop my paediatric skills. In my first year I continued my baby chiropractic studies with Dr. Neil Davies and also collected over 1000 research articles on how baby chiropractic can be such a simple yet effective approach to a newborns health.



After graduating in 1998 I became an associate to Eric Dowker in Viewbank. Here I was able to develop as a family and baby chiropractor and also the beginnings of my kinesiology vocation. The babies stilI played a huge part of my life and I started volunteering at the Downs Syndrome Association and at local fetes, festivals, child care and maternity centres in the Banyle region. Under the guidance of Eric and Neil Davies, spending many happy hours further refining my paediatric and cranial skills. I continued to attend advanced training courses and was lucky to be taught by many brilliant practitioners from Australia,  New Zealand and the USA, especially Margi – Bishop Funnell,  Glenn Maginness,  The Warners as well as education programs from Claudia Anrig and the Peets.


In the years that followed I developed a family and baby chiropractic practice that gained the respect of the local medical community, with Health Visitors and Midwives being particularly supportive of my work with babies and pregnant mums.


In 2008 I completed my Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics with Dr. Neil Bradon.


Dr Jim Skivalidas, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne